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US Visitor Visa Interview Questions & Answers (Part 4)

In continuation to the US Visitor Visa Interview Questions & Answers (Part 3). These sample questions and answers will help visitor visa applicants, especially parents, applying from Asia for B2 visa.

Q: Your income is not enough to support international travel. What do you plan to do?

A: “My son/daughter is sponsoring my visit. He/she will take care of all my expenses for this trip.”

Q: If you run a business, you may be asked: Who will look after your business in your absence?

A: “I have arranged for ____person to take care of my business in my absence” OR “My partner will take care of it.”

Q: When did you retire?

A: Give the true answer. “I retired in month and year.”

Q: How much pension do you get?

A: Give the true answer. “I get Rs.. ___ pension annually.”

Q: What assets/property do you have in Asia?

A: “I have whatever property/assets you have, for example a house or two shops, etc. in Asia.”

Note: If you have property or immovable assets in Asia, do mention them during the interview – it will be seen as a reason to return.

Q: Who will take care of your property in Asia while you are gone?

A: “We have made arrangements with relatives/friends to take care of our property for the duration of our visit to U.S.”

Q: Can I see you Business/visiting card?

A: If you have a card, show it. If not, say you don?t have one.

Q: Do you have a credit card?

A: Give the true answer, Yes or No. If yes, show it.

Q: Will you work in the US?

A: “No, I am going for tourism and sightseeing. I have no intentions or reasons to work in the U.S.”

Q: How many children do u have ? And where are they? What do they do? Are they married?

A: Give the true answer, “I have ___ children. My other son/daughter is married. He/she lives in Asia and they have a son/daughter.”

Note: Definitely mention if your other child lives in Asia and has children.

Q: What is your son/daughter’s birth date?

A: Give the correct answer.

Q: When is your son/daughter’s wedding anniversary?

A: Give the correct answer.

Note: You might want to carry a few wedding pictures.

Q: Can you tell me your son/daughter’s contact details?

A: Give phone number and e-mail address.

Note: Memorize these. Make sure your answers correspond with details given on visa documents.

Q: Show me your documents OR Has your son/daughter sent any documents?

A: Show documents.

Q: My passport is going to expire soon. I do have a valid US visa in this current passport If I apply for a new Passport do I need to get the new US visa in new passport?

A: No.
A valid exisiting visa is good. You can carry the old passport which has this visa stamped.


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